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Pain Treatment

Pain is a complex problem that may require treatment and management by a pain medicine specialist. Millions of people suffer from pain every year at great personal cost. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, "... pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined."

If you find that you cannot safely control your pain with over-the-counter medications, or have failed to find relief from other treatments and practitioners, you should consider consulting with a pain management physician. For most patients, interventional pain management procedures can treat or reduce pain allowing the patient to regain function thereby improving their quality of life. This reflects our practice philosophy.

Our patients commonly present with sciatica, arthritis of the neck or back, or disc pain and obtain good relief and avoid surgery. Our practice also treats other pain syndromes using interventional procedures.

Dr. Scott Sauer specializes in treating complex pain issues. There are many different physical and neurological disorders that contribute to pain and pain management can provide you more advanced care specifically aimed to control your pain. Examples of pain-causing disorders treated by Dr. Sauer include:

 Arthritis of the spine  Back and neck pain
 Cancer pain  Cervical (neck) radiculopathy
 Disc herniation  Failed back surgery
 Headaches  Sciatica pain (low back/lumbar radiculopathy)
 Shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia)  Spinal stenosis
 Trigeminal neuralgia  Vertebral compression fracture
 Peripheral Neuropathy  Nerve entrapment syndromes
 Crohne's Disease  Fibromyalgia
 Chronic Muscle Pain  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Example of Spinal Nerve Compression

Example of Spinal Nerve Compression